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1. Why do I need to see the dentist if I’m not having problems with my teeth?
Most dental problems do not become painful or visible until they are highly advanced. At this stage, serious dental issues are usually irreversible, meaning that the tooth will have to have a root canal and crown, or be extracted.

By going to the dentist regularly, you can keep ahead of any problems with the help of x-rays and a physical examination. Also, the dental hygienist will remove bacteria from your teeth under the gum line to prevent bone loss and bad breath.  
2.  I don't floss because my gums bleed!  Why do I need to floss anyway?
When your gums bleed, it is a sign of inflammation. This means the bacteria have remained on your teeth too long. So, when your gums bleed when you floss you should floss more, not less!  Bacteria on your teeth will cause cavities and also will cause the bone that holds your teeth in to melt away. This process is called periodontitis. Only flossing will remove the bacteria between your teeth, so make sure you don’t forget this crucial step.

3.  What kind of toothpaste and mouth rinse should I use??
The mechanical removal of plaque (bacteria) by brushing and flossing is most important. Any toothpaste or rinse recommended by the American Dental Association will work just fine.  

4.  My wife says I’m grinding my teeth. What can I do?
Grinding teeth at night or during the day can lead to serious problems. It can lead to damage to your TMJ, tooth damage, and headaches. You may need to wear a protective guard for your teeth when you sleep. It may also be a sign that your bite is misaligned. Don’t delay telling your dentist about this condition.  

5.  Why do I need a root canal? And a crown??
When bacteria from a cavity or from a break in a tooth comes in contact with the nerve in your tooth it will need a root canal. Antibiotics are given and the infection and pain will usually subside.

Then why do you still need the root canal?? If the tooth is left untreated, the infection will come back. People can and do let this go sometimes and this will lessen the chance that a root canal will be successful. Plus, all those toxins being released in the mouth and body are not good for your health. And yes, people have died from abscessed teeth. Your immune system is in constant demand working against this bacteria. After a root canal is done, your tooth will become brittle.  This is why in most cases, a crown is needed. Not all teeth that need crowns need root canals.  Some teeth have large fillings and are in danger of breaking. In this case a crown is needed and not a root canal. Better to have a crown before a tooth breaks than take the chance at having to have a root canal or it extracted.

6.  My son had a tooth completely knocked out!! What do we do??
Place the tooth and all the pieces in a glass of milk and call our office as soon as possible.  It may be possible to save the tooth.

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